“Haikoo has acquired a reputation in the eastern suburbs as being probably the best place for a remedial massage. The customer care is on par with both Jackie and Paul making you feel really at ease. Last week however I tried the Float after reading some online reviews. The experience is very unique. The only way I can describe it is of being in a womb, you loose track of time and you go into almost a state of mindfulness trance. I had one of my deepest sleeps after I got home probably related to the salts used in the water. Totally game changer for me.”

Adam M

“I went to Haikoo Massage to try out the Float Tank and it was great! It's a very surreal experience and the time flew by for me. I wasn't able to shut my thoughts off but I had fun giving it a try, apparently it can take a few sessions for you to get used to it. I definitely recommend others to give it a try, the feeling of not being able to see or hear whilst floating was really relaxing. The place itself is easy to find, the reception area and massage rooms are all really clean and fresh. The float tank room is very modern. The staff are really friendly and easy to talk to. Couldn't recommend more :)”

Marie R

“Haikoo Massage & Float is an outstanding clinic in the eastern suburbs! The staff is always so friendly and the treatment rooms are pristine. They offer so many different modalities too... massage, osteopathy and float tank! It's my go-to place for getting treatments and gift vouchers for my friends and family :)"

Sarah L

“My first experience at Haikoo Massage was over 5 years ago, when I received a gift voucher for a half hour massage with Jacqueline. It was such a wonderful experience that I have been having regular massages ever since. Your massage begins as soon as you open the door and enter. It is a total experience, with exceptional therapists and a space that is inviting and warm. I highly recommend Haikoo Massage & Float.”

Esther W

“I've been visiting Haikoo massage for my regular massages for years now and have just recently experienced their float tank and it was absolutely amazing! So clean, warm and inviting. Professionally run and makes you feel like your in a day spa from the get go! Highly recommend this business for massage and floats. Side note - I've never come across the high level of customer service in this industry they really do care about your comfort and wellbeing. Customer for life! Thank you!”

Leonie M

“The place to go for a massage. Professional, clean, and very knowledgeable about any pain or injuries you may have!”

Reagan T

“If you're looking for a good massage, look no further! The place is very well kept, funky and quiet. The therapists are extremely nice and highly skilled. And they always have a very yummy tea waiting for you. I used to be a massage therapist and I highly recommend Haikoo Massage.”

Neuda S

“If you want highly skilled massage professionals that know what they're doing, I would highly recommend Haikoo massage to anyone and everyone. I've had quite a few massages around the eastern suburbs and this quite literally the BEST place for a Great Massage. Thank you”

Vic O

“Great clinic, great prices, a variety of services and friendly staff! I particularly love going for a float, such an inviting and relaxing space.”


“I had a one hour float and a one hour massage. Amazingly good. The float was so relaxing and the massage from Margie was brilliant. I will be back.”

Ben H

“I had an excellent massage today with Tomomi ... I highly recommend Haikoo and will be telling all my friends ..Thank you”

Margaret D

“Amazing!! I’ve had a few massages in my time and this is definitely the best. Highly recommend. Will be back there monthly.”

Katie P