haikoo fitness

Our mission is to educate and engage people through movement strategies which enable them to regain absolute confidence in their abilities to keep themselves mobile, strong and pain free.

The Fitness Studio is temporarily closed.  We will let you know when we reopen the studio. 

At Haikoo Fitness we specialise in Restorative Training which has roots in corrective exercise, Pilates and strength training. Your private one-on-one 60 minute session will teach you to engage and correct your movement patterns to maximize your body awareness and performance.

Benefits of Haikoo Fitness:

  • manage chronic pain and dysfunction
  • reduce likelihood of injuries
  • improve athletic performance
  • improve balance, coordination and breath
  • increase mobility, stability and strength

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on your condition. Your trainer will perform an assessment and work it out from there.  Some people need 4 sessions, some 8, everyone is different.

What kind of conditions can your training help with?

Many of our clients have had success with knee tracking problems, back pain, shoulder pain, pelvic floor weakness, Parkinsons, rehab, pre and post surgery, hip replacements  and much more.

What does a regular session entail of?

Assessment, corrective exercises, breathing exercises, stretching  and mobility.

Can I still do my other sporting activities?

Yes you can but you might have to stop or modify your activity until you re-pattern proper movement and become pain free.

What should I wear to a session?

Sport shoes and comfortable gym or active wear.

Can I do a group class?

These sessions are all about you! We are teaching you and giving you the tools to gain self awareness and manage your condition.