Massage Rose Bay

Massage Rose Bay

Taking care of your body and mind in a world full of stressors and fast movement can be tough, but with Haikoo Massage and Float offering massage Rose Bay residents can depend on, you can find some relief.

Experts in the industry

At Haikoo, our therapists are trained experts with the passion to deliver the best massage Rose Bay residents deserve. We are committed to healthcare excellence, ensuring that we use scientifically validated techniques so that you have peace of mind that you’re getting the best care.

The benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy is a proven healthcare and therapeutic technique with years of pedigree and practice informing the experience. The science is simple. Massage is all about stimulating and moving muscles and tendons that are tense or damaged, and trying to loosen that tension or understand where the damage is located.

Physical pain or injuries, including long-term examples like back pain, usually cause an imbalance in the way muscle systems are interacting with each other. This is why one injury can lead to flow on pain, damage, or tension in other parts of the body. By tracing those flow-on effects, massage therapy can determine the origin of an imbalance, and work out how to address the originating injury. If we know where the injury is located, then massage can provide targeted techniques to help the body heal or to provide relief from symptoms.

For stress-related maladies, massage is also a very effective treatment option. Massage lessens tension held in tendons and muscles, allowing the body to relax, increasing circulation and decreasing cortisol levels.

What do we offer?

Our range of therapies for physical injuries encompasses sports, deep tissue massage, and remedial massage, a combination of which can be used to treat most problems. For stress, we offer relaxation massage to soothe the mind and body, and release tension.

We also have some specialised therapies like oncology massage, pregnancy massage, or reflexology (among other examples) for those customers with specific needs.

For massage Rose Bay residents can rely on for knowledge, quality, and affordability, get in contact today!