Massage Potts Point

Remedial Massage Potts Point

Haikoo Massage & Float are proud to offer massage Potts Point residents can depend on for expertise, professionalism, and affordability. A healthy diet and exercise regime needs to include physical and mental rehabilitation, and nothing is better for the mind and body than massage.

Why massage therapy?

The body is a complex system that is extremely good at internal regulation and maintenance. That said, it is also susceptible to damage and tension. When that damage or tension starts to develop in muscles and tendons, it then begins to make other muscles try to compensate, which means that what started as an isolated ailment can spread throughout surrounding areas. This can occur for long periods of time without us realising, but ultimately leads to wider spread damage.

This interconnectedness between muscle groups is what makes massage therapy such an effective treatment option. By understanding where an injury or imbalance is placed within a muscle group or problem region, our therapists can effectively target where a problem is originating, and begin to rehabilitate the muscles to try and restore balance to the body.

Our therapists are experts in providing massage therapy. They are all trained to at least a diploma or university level, which is then augmented by experience and training in the industry. We are committed experts who understand the long term healthcare implications of what we do, and we bring that understanding to our work to ensure you get the best care and outcomes.

What our massage Potts Point offers

We offer a broad range of massage therapy styles and remedial massage Potts Point residents can rely on. For physical ailments, we have specialists in sports massage, deep tissue, and remedial massage. These styles are designed to identify and address the root causes of injuries, including long-term injuries like back pain or chronic headaches.

For those looking for a more tranquil experience, we offer relaxation massage that is proven to help regulate cortisol levels which helps alleviate stress and tension. We also offer a range of specialised therapy options like pregnancy massage, reflexology and osteopathy, among others, which cater to clients with specific needs.