Massage Paddington

Massage Paddington

If you find yourself with any number of physical strains, or simply want to de-stress and relax, then you should consider booking some therapy with Haikoo Massage & Float for a massage Paddington residents can depend on.

Why should you consider massage ?

While there are lots of different kinds of massage therapy, and we offer quite a few of those varieties, they share basic health benefits that can help with a range of conditions.

Firstly, massage has obvious applications to physical injuries that might have arisen from sport, accidents, general wear and tear, or long-term afflictions like back pain. Massage around and on the affected areas helps to stimulate the muscles and tendons, relieving tension and tightness, as well as increasing blood flow to the regions. It also helps with flexibility, encouraging the muscles to relax and extend, which can help patients feel relief from physical symptoms as well as being a treatment itself.

Massage therapy also has applications for mental health. Massage is proven to lower cortisol levels, encourage relaxation, and remove tension. Many people find that regular massage therapy sessions impact on their overall health and well-being, and are a ready source of holistic healthcare.

Who are we?

Haikoo Massage & Float are an experienced local company offering massage Paddington residents rely on. We are passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience, and we understand the importance of expertise. All of our therapists are extensively trained (to at least a diploma or university level), as well as receiving ongoing development to stay up to date with industry trends and emerging research. After all, your health and well-being are vital, and so we are committed to giving the highest standards of care.

Our Massage Paddington Services

Our services for massage Paddington residents can depend on are wide-ranging. For the alleviation of stress, we offer gentle relaxation massage that soothes the mind and encourages circulation. For physical maladies, we offer sports, deep tissue, and remedial massage that target problem areas. We also offer several specialised services like pregnancy massage or trigger point therapy for those with more specific concerns.