Massage Edgecliff

Massage Edgecliff

When you need a professional clinic offering different types of massage, Edgecliff can always count on the team at Haikoo Massage and Float. Our Charing Cross clinic is the ideal location for all surrounding suburbs, and we are situated just a short distance from Bondi Junction. Come along to our incredible massage centre, with trained and experienced staff and comfortable, spacious treatment rooms.

Your local massage therapy centre

When it comes to massage, Edgecliff residents know that the Haikoo team have it covered. We are available seven days a week, between the hours of 9am and 8pm, so we can arrange an appointment that suits your schedule. We have many types of massage on offer, and we devise holistic treatment plans that target each person’s specific needs and issues.

About our massages

Haikoo might offer you a particular type of massage, or a combination of several techniques. One of the most common reasons for a visit to our clinic is pain or injury. We offer remedial massage and sports massage, which can speed up injury recovery. Alongside physiotherapy and gentle exercise, our deep tissue massage can help muscles to heal, whilst also improving athletic performance.

Remedial massage is also useful for patients suffering pain and discomfort in their back, neck or shoulders. The tension this causes can have other effects, such as recurring headaches or a low mood. By tackling the root cause through massage, the symptoms should also start to ease. Massage is very effective in tackling stress and anxiety. A regular massage session helps you unwind, and takes away the worry of daily life.

Alongside our massage, Edgecliff residents should take advantage of the Haikoo Float Studio. Our floatation tank is the perfect complementary therapy to our massages. With all distractions removed, you can relax and be at one with your body and mind, floating effortlessly in our sensory deprivation pod.

Book your massage appointment in Edgecliff

If you would like to learn more about our massage services, or to schedule a session with a skilled massage therapist, you can contact Haikoo by email, call us on 02 8068 1809, or use the online booking service to request an appointment.