Massage Coogee

Massage Coogee

When you need a remedial massage Coogee resident can rely on, call Haikoo Massage and Float to book an appointment with a professional. We offer many types of massage Coogee residents can enjoy as part of their injury recovery, as a special treat to pamper themselves, or as a way to de-stress and relax. From pregnancy massage to reflexology, we use a range of techniques to target your specific problems or needs, and to put you on the path to wellness.

Is massage right for you?

There are so many reasons to consider remedial massage; Coogee locals can benefit in all manner of physical and psychological ways. Massage is primarily used to relieve the tension which can build up inside muscles, especially those in the back, neck and shoulders. This tension can lead to aches and pains, and it can also cause headaches and other symptoms. Pain can be a result of injury, poor posture, or simply due to stress and anxiety.

Whatever the cause, our skilled and experienced masseurs will create a treatment plan that works for you and devise a massage routine that utilises a number of different techniques. This will be used to target the specific issues you are having, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and free from pain or tension.

Types of massage we offer

Some of the main massage services we offer include sports massage, which typically involves deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. It may also incorporate relaxing and therapeutic Swedish massage. The Swedish technique is very effective for easing general strain and stress, which is why we recommend it for workers, pregnant women, and those battling anxiety. In addition to these treatments, we offer reflexology, lymphatic drainage, and osteopathy.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with the Haikoo Massage and Float team, you can call us on 02 8068 1809. Alternatively, you can use the online booking tool to schedule a massage, or you can drop us an email to request more information. Why not treat someone special to one of our massage treatments? Gift certificates are available via our website, with a number of special offers available for bulk purchases.