Float Studio

Float Studio

Experience pure relaxation in the Float Studio at Haikoo Massage and Float. Our state of the art massage therapy centre in Waverley is equipped with a luxurious floatation tank. Clients can unwind in this peaceful pod, floating in mineral salts which rejuvenate the body while easing stress and tension. Arrange a float session before or after your remedial massage, in conjunction with sports injury treatment, or as a treat for the mind and soul.

Inside our Float Studio

The floatation pod is a large tank filled with a concentrated salt solution that helps the user float effortlessly and comfortably during the session. Sound and light are usually removed, allowing the user to be at one with their senses, and to relax completely while the sensation of floating takes over their body.

However, users can have the lid open if they prefer, and there is a UV light which emits a soft glow through the water. Gentle music or guided meditations can also be played during the session. If you have your own audio which you wish to use, send it to the Haikoo team ahead of your appointment and they will accommodate your request.

The room is equipped with a shower, which you can use before and after your float. You will also be supplied with towels, a robe, body wash and shampoo, plus earplugs for use during your floatation session.

How floatation works

Floatation allows a return to the comfort and warmth of our embryonic state. You will emerge feeling refreshed and reborn, with tension, anxiety and stress relieved. The Epsom salt in the water allows for perfect buoyancy, while also softening and refreshing the skin. Floating in the temperature controlled tank, you will feel completely at one with the surrounding atmosphere and your mind will be free to drift away.

The float tank is most commonly used to relieve stress and anxiety. A floating session can focus the mind, which is ideal for improving work or athletic performance. Floating can also ease physical symptoms such as pain and tension. It is great for people with joint pain, and also for pregnant women. For more information, and to book a session, call Haikoo Massage and Float today on 02 8068 1809.